Regulations for use

The "Framework of Use for the Central University Library Lübeck"  (21.12.2015), the Usage regulation, is the legal foundation for using the library.

The main rules summarized in short:

  • about the usage authorization
  • about user's rights and obligations
  • about fees

All members of the University of Lübeck and the Technical University of Lübeck as well as pupils and teachers from the associated training institutes are permitted to use it. Members of other universities and other interested persons can also be authorized to use. Authorized persons have to prove their identity with an identity card or other suitable ID.

The user is entitled for example to use the ZHB's available media and different services. He has to observe the rules of the General conditions of use  (Benutzungsrahmenordnung), the House rules (Hausordnung) and the instructions of the staff.  The user is asked to handle the library material and all furniture carefully.

There are fees for example for interlibrary loans, reminders or annual fees for so-called external users. The exact amount of the fees is specified in the "Fees regulation" of the University of Lübeck or briefly under the following headline "Reminders & fees".