Our library has a media collection of about 500.000 media, which are spread up over three freely accessible floors and one not freely accessible area in the basement (called "closed stacks"). The media are shelved in a classified order according to the classification of our library.
In general each subject group starts with journals, then follow books on specific topics and reference copies, devided into detailed subgroups and finally there are the textbooks.
On the ground floor you will find the groups from A to P, including language dictionaries, instructions for scientific work, science and education, law, economics, communication studies, medicine, nutritional science, hospitals and nursing, psychology, biology, chemistry and others. 
On the first floor the groups from Q to V follow, which include mathematics, physics, general technology, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering with informatics.
On the second floor you find the groups W and Z, which stands for the building sector / architecture and environmental science.

In the closed stacks there are older volumes of journals, older media and doctoral theses. They can be ordered from there.

A detailed insight into our subject groups you get in our classification.
As the library still is in a period of construction works the room map is in process.