The online catalog contains all media that were purchased in the Lübeck University Library. When searching for books, magazines etc. you have criteria such as title, author, ISBN and sometimes also  keywords from content descriptions are available. This catalog does not offer an essay search and full-text search as is usual with Internet search engines (e.g. Google). However, you can get a well-known article by searching for the magazine's title, if the magazine is available from us or can be obtained via interlibrary loan.
You can find tips on searching directly in the help texts of the online catalog (click on "Help") or in Introductory information and help for research.

We recommend our Literature search online services (or databases) to search for articles, some of which also allow full-text searches.

You find our e-book packages under eBooks. Here you can find chapters, articles and contents of the respective providers. Some of them are test accesses that can only be offered for a limited time.