Academic theses

Lübeck's online university publications, especially PHD theses

The ZHB Catalog  generally contains all available editions of the university scripts from Lübeck.

A work can be printed and published on CD-ROM and can be borrowed like other media. If there is a declaration of consent for publication on the Internet, the work is stored electronically and made available in full text with a link.

The loading time can be longer for larger documents.

The works are archived long-term by the German National Library Deutsche Nationalbibliothek (in Leipzig and Frankfurt/Main) and are freely available online on the Lübeck campus without restrictions.

Further information on the delivery of theses in several copies can be found in the doctoral regulations of the university.


Links to the information pages of the university departments:

Section Medicine

Section MINT


Online University Publications - Scripts from other universities 

The catalog of our library also contains many scripts from other German universities. They are also archived long-term by the German National Library and are freely available online.