Room Map

All books and journals of a group (ex. "V") are standing together. Within a group the journals are placed first followed by the subgroups (ex. "VK"). Within those subgroups you find at the beginning the further reading books and the reference copies followed by the text books.
Older journal vintage can be order from our repository.


Where I find what?

  • On the ground floor there are general topics, economy, medicine, psychology, biology, and chemistry (groups A to P).
  • On the first floor there are mathematics, physics, engineering, and computer science (groups Q to V).
  • On the second floor there are constructions/architecture and environmental science(groups W and Z).
  • The closed stack is located in our nor freely accessible basement. Those books and journals can be ordered via the catalog.


Books with a green label or without a colored label can be borrowed normally.
Books with a red label are reference copies and cannot be borrowed.
Current journals can be borrowed on request for 1-2 days, older journals or bound journals can be borrowed for one week. Both cannot be extended. Older bound journals can be borrowed from our closed stack.