Open access promotion

„Open access“ means free access to scientific literature on the internet. The University Lübeck 2015 has passed an Open access policy based on the „Berliner Erklärung über den offenen Zugang zu wissenschaftlichem Wissen“. (Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Scientific Knowledge). It states: „ The University Lübeck strongly recommends its scientists to publish their research results and research data in a digital freely accessible form (open access)...“

The state government of Schleswig-Holstein supports the publication of research results in genuine open access journals with a publication fund, from which funding for the payment of publication fees is made available also to the University Lübeck. This funding is intended for young researchers,  responsible for the payment of publication fees as „submitting or corresponding author“.  Publication fees including taxes are promotable up to 2000 € per publication. Each promoted publication has to include a note on the promotion. (For example: „We acknowledge financial support by Land Schleswig-Holstein within the funding program Open Access Publikationsfund.“)

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Target group

Young researchers, members of a university in Schleswig-Holstein and responsible for the payment of publication fees as „submitting or corresponding author“. Not all participating researchers must be included under the definition „young researcher“. Young researchers are eligible up to 10 years after completion of their master thesis or a comparable degree.


With „SHERPA Juliet“ researchers and librarians are able to check the conditions of the sponsors for open access publications.

SHERPA Juliet is a searchable database and a central contact for current information about the promoter’s guidelines and standards for open access publication and data archiving.


Contact person

Inga Larres

Phone.:+49 451 3101 2202