For freshmen

New at the University or the Technical University?

Compiled for you: the most important information about the Central University Library (ZHB).

Where can I find the ZHB?

Building No. 60 on the university campus, right next to the student canteen and the main auditorium Audimax.

How do I register?

Registration takes place online via the registration form for students. If you upload a scan of your student ID your library account will be activated usually on the same day. Alternatively you can come to the library at our service times to activate it.

The student card will be your library card then. The library number you find on the card under the barcode (starting with 0841...). To access your account and others you need a password as well. The six-digit password consists of your date of birth in the order DDMMYY. You can change it to your own using the "User account" button in our online catalog.

As a new user of the ZHB, you have to observe our "Terms of use" and the house rules . A copy of each is available in the loan department.

How long is my library card valid ?

Your student ID is now also your library card, valid for the two semesters (still special regulation due to the time of construction works). To extend you must renew the validity by writing a mail to us ( including a photo of your current student ID or you can come to us during our service times.

Where do I find what?

On the ground floor you find media of the subject groups A to P. As well as there is the PC room, catalog computers, the self-check station, the loan department and the information desk.

On the first floor the subject groups Q to V are located. There you will also find a lot of working places,  two group study rooms and the lounge.

On the second floor you find  the subject groups W and Z. Here are also working places, group workplaces  and three group study rooms.

An overview of our subject groups you can find here or on boards at the shelves. In a subject group you find journals at the start, followed by books on specific topics and reference copies, ordered in detailed subgroups and text books at the end. The most books are written in German, but we also have a couple of English books and text books.

The remaining journal volumes are stored in the closed stacks (basement). They can be ordered from there as well as other literature such as older media and doctoral theses.The ordered literature can then be picked up in the loan department.

Public toilets can be found on every floor, from the ground floor to the second floor.


Which books can be borrowed and which cannot ?

Most of our books and other media can be borrowed, with the exception of books with a red label on the spine (reference editions), unbound editions and the last five volumes of journals.

The normal loan period is 30 days. Please check your loans via the "user account" in our online catalog and extend the loan period here up to 8 times. If a book has been reserved by another user or reminder fees apply, it cannot be renewed.

If you need a book that has already been borrowed by someone else, you can reserve it via our catalog. As soon as the literature has arrived, you will usually be informed by email. A fee of  1,00 €  is charged for each reservation.

How to borrow ?

You can borrow books via our self-check station on the ground floor next to the information desk. During our service times you also can borrow or clarify questions at the loan department. Here you pick up ordered or reserved books as well. Anyway, just have your valid library card (student card) ready.

Further questions...

If you have any questions about literature research, media reservation, borrowing from the closed stacks, interlibrary loan, copying options, introductory courses in databases, use of study rooms or anything else, you are welcome to ask us at the information desk. At the beginning of the semester there are library tours for freshmen in which you can take part. Please look on our homepage for the appointments.

Finally, a few tips...

Bags and jackets can be taken into the library and there are also lockers in the entrance area.

It is not permitted to take food into the library. Only drinks in screwable bottels or cups are allowed to take in.

A  snack or coffee break you are welcome to take in the break area at the entrance of the library.

You will also find drinks and snack vending machines there.

Please take care of your valuables in the building, do not leave them unattended.

In our internet room there is a printer for the students of the University, where you can print via free quota. There is unfortunatelly no more copying option in the library.