For research

Title search

If you are searching for a specific title, use our online catalog to select first what is available in the ZHB. For book titles you can search with keywords or author names for example. In search of articles you have to enter the title of the journal in which the article has been published.

If you have not been successful yet, please check the following:

  1. Correct spelling of the title
  2. Leave out the author (may be cited wrongly)  and try again without filler words (like articles, conjunctions, prepositions...)
  3. Reduce specific keywords to a significant word stem and complete the entry with * (for example: anat* for anatomy or anatomical).

Please contact us at the information desk, if there are any questions or problems left concerning your search. If the desired title is missing in our library please continue searching in the "ILL catalog" (Interlibrary loan catalog, GVK). Further instructions for interlibrary loan (like registration, orders) see under Loan / Interlibrary loan on our website.

Subject search

You are working on a subject for an academic paper, bachelor's or master's degree or a thesis?

Start searching with specific subject terms in our catalog and in case continue additionally using the classification of the ZHB . Our library collection is categorized in certain subject groups, which are defined by a combination of letters and numbers (for example: QB 102 stands for "geometry textbook"). With the search key "lsy" you can combine these terms and browse our catalog systematically to find the relevant literature.

If you did not suceed this way you could try content research by means of databanks Literature research online services . For some of them training courses are offered in our library. Please ask at the information desk.

This way you can find articles or chapters, contents not recorded in a normal catalog. Often you can download this literature directly or if not order it via interlibrary loan.