Reminder & fees

The type and amount of the fees are governed by the Statutes on contributions and fees for special services and the use of the facilities of the University of Lübeck (dated 21.12.2015). Appendix 1 contains the administrative fees (reminder fees) and Appendix 2 the reimbursement of expenses. Appendix 3 deals with  fees for services of the ZHB Lübeck. You can view the fee schedule in the lending office or alternatively download it here.


The main rules on fees summarized:

Fee for registration, with the right to lend, for non-university members

  • 30,00 Euro annually
  • 15,00 Euro annually reduced for external students, pupils, trainees, people in military, community and voluntary service, unemployed people, welfare recipients

Reminder fees:

  • per volume 3,00 Euro in the 1. reminder
  • per volume 7,50 Euro in the 2. reminder
  • per volume 12,00 Euro in the 3. reminder


The fee for a pre-order is 1,00 Euro.

A reimbursement is due among other things to the loss of cabin or cabinet keys.

The interlibrary loan fee is currently 1,50 Euro per order.