Access to ebooks

Brief introduction to "How to use e-books"  here.

Some e-book titles from Springer Publishing are only temporarily available due to a certain test account.


Springer Online Library


With the campus license, the ZHB offers access to many articles from various Springer publishers and e-books.

These e-books are listed in our catalog and identified by a special symbol (online resources, without journals).

The link at the end of each entry leads you directly to the full text in PDF.

You can do the same with SpringerLink  to search for Springer e-books. In this way you will also find most of the current titles that have not yet been imported into our catalog.

The following Springer collections were acquired by the ZHB:

       -  English titles from the collection Computer science

          Period: since year of publication 2005/06

       -  German titles from the collection Technik & Informatik

          Period: since year of publication 2005/06

       -  German titles from the collection Medizin

          Period: from year of publication 2005/06 to 2008 inclusive and again from 2012

       -  English titles from the collection Medicine

          Period: from year of publication 2022

       -  German titles from collection Psychologie

          Period: since year of publication 2015

       -  English titles in the field Behavioral science and psychology

          Period: since year of publication 2016

       -  German titles from the collection Naturwissenschaften

           Period: since year of publication 2012

       -  German titles from the collection Wirtschaftswissenschaften,

          Period: year of publication 2020 - 2022





E-books from the DeGruyter publishing house are also accessible via the campus license, listed in our catalog and can be opened in full text via the special book link to the Website  DeGruyter .

For example:

       -  Collections in the field of medicine and biology,

           Period: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

        - Some individual titles, for example from civil engineering, mathematics ..




ZHB Lübeck has acquired the “German Medical Collection” e-book collection published between 2008 and 2022. In addition to many specialist books, this also includes a number of clinic and practice guidelines (e.g. general medicine, surgery, gynaecology, internal medicine ...) and titles from examination series.

Also available are titles from the following Elsevier book series (published since 2010):

  • Advances in immunology
  • International review of neurobiology
  • Methods in cell biology
  • Methods in enzymology
  • Progress in brain research
  • Progress in molecular biology and translational science (published since 2022)

The entry in the ZHB catalog leads you directly to ScienceDirect

Since 2014, more than 8000 English-language titles from various scientific fields have been offered in full text as test accounts. At the end of the testing period the access will be evaluated and the most requested titles acquired for ZHB's users.These titles are marked with the note test account ("Testzugang ZHB Lübeck").

Römpp Online

RÖMPP Online - Encyclopedia of chemistry (Thieme publishing)

Take care, Römpp online is the most extensive and renowned encyclopedia of chemistry and associated sciences in German.

It provides more 65.000 keywords from six fields (biotechnology and genetic engineering, chemistry, food chemistry, materials science and material technology, natural materials, environmental and process technology), contains more than 250.000 cross-references, above 19.000 structural formulae and graphics. (DBIS, Febr. 2022) 



Various online dictionaries from Langenscheidt publishing are available campus licensed.

Provided are among others general dictionaries in several languages, specialized dictionaries (for example German-English and English-German for architecture and civil engineering, biology, chemistry, electrical engineering, medicine, physics, law, technology, economics) and furthermore some „Duden titles“.

Click the link Langenscheidt online dictionary and get directly to the search screen.

Human Anatomy Atlas

The Human Anatomy Altas contains full female and male 3D models to study gross anatomy.
It shows 3D views of key organs at multiple levels.
It has over 120 histology slides that show cells and tissues to help you better understand the morphology of anatomy.
Also there are brief animations and illustrations that explain core physiology and common conditions.
To learn muscle actions, bone landmarks, attachments, innervations, and blood supply there are muscle and bone models that you can move.

To use it you must be inside the wifi of the University or be logged in via VPN.