Supraregional Catalogs

For some work it may be necessary to obtain literature from outside of Lübeck. There are various national catalogs for researching these media.

GBV / Interlibrary loan

With interlibrary loan, media that are not available at the ZHB Lübeck can be ordered from other libraries for a fee. These stocks are documented in the Joint Network Catalog (GVK).

Researching in the GVK is generally accessible. An order for borrowing or a copy of essays can only be made after prior registration with the ZHB (form for an interlibrary loan account).

This catalog also offers only limited options for content or essay research. If you are looking for a specific journal article, searching for the title of the journal or the ISSN is recommended. Under Loan - Interlibrary Loan we offer you detailed help for ordering books and journals.

ZDB / EZB (Journal database)


For targeted searches for journals, use the catalogs of the Journal database (ZDB), which is closely linked to the Electronic Journals Library (EZB).

With the ZDB, your journal title is checked in almost all important German library catalogs. You can limit your search to the exact volume you need and get a list of hits.

To order an item, please click the "Order Options" button. Different links are displayed. We recommend the use of "GBV", which leads you to the previously mentioned large joint trade union catalog "GVK" or, in the case of "Subito", a direct delivery service.


The EZB offers research for scientific electronic journals. Depending on the specific license level, the journals are characterized by a so-called traffic light system, which means for example: a green symbol for freely available, yellow for acquired by the ZHB. You can get here either on the university campus or from outside via OpenVPN (Universität zu Lübeck) or SSL (Technische Hochschule Lübeck).

Further information can be found under  "E-resources - E-journals".

Karlsruhe virtual catalog (KVK)

Website of KVK

Meta search interface for WWW library and book trade catalogs worldwide. It records around 75 million books and magazines from library and bookstore catalogs worldwide.


Worldcat records the holdings of more than 10,000 libraries worldwide. This includes titles for books, magazines, electronic media, films, sound carriers, sheet music, manuscripts and cards. By finding your location or entering your own location, the system determines the closest library with this title in your area.