Inter Library Loan

As a registered user of the ZHB you can order books/media which are not in the ZHB collection from other libraries. You can open an account for inter-library borrowing via the internet at the ZHB. There is a charge of 1,50 euro per ordered unit. Registration Anmeldung 



Complete the registration form for inter-library loans: this is available at the ZHB or as a registration form in pdf-formatFormular zum Ausfüllen im pdf-Format.








Hand in the form at the information desk of the ZHB. You will receive your password one day later. There is a  fee of 1,50 euro per unit which must must be paid in advance or when you make the order. You can pay into your account in advance for further orders  as required.








For employees  and PHD students:  When you register, please bring an allowance form (Kostenübernahmebescheinigung) for your library costs (available in the ZHB). Please contact the information desk of the ZHB when you require new units for your account.

The ZHB Lübeck is a member of the Gemeinsamen Bibliotheksverbund GBV. This is a union of a number of libraries in the german federal states/länder of  Bremen, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Niedersachsen, Sachsen-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstein, Thüringen und the Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz. You can research the collections of these libraries in the  Gemeinsamen Verbundkatalog GVK and make orders. In addition to the collections of the member libraries, the GVK catalogue also shows the periodicals of all direct-delivery libraries and other university libraries.








If a work is not shown in in the GVK, there is an inter-union loan system. Copies of articles can be ordered from non-GBV  libraries which are in other unions eg.  Nordrhein-Westfalen/Rheinland-Pfalz (HBZ), Berlin-Brandenburg (KOBV).  Orders are forwarded on through the inter-loans system to other library unions.








Bei verleihbaren Medien, die nicht im GBV nachgewiesen sind, ist ebenfalls eine verbundübergreifende Fernleihe möglich. Bei diesem Bestellweg muss ausdrücklich der entsprechende Link zur weiteren Bearbeitung der Fernleihbestellung aktiviert werden: VFL Verbundübergreifende Fernleihe. Dieser Link wird vom Fernleihsystem erzeugt und taucht nicht auf, wenn ein Buch beim GBV bestellbar ist.








Wenn eine Bestellung weder bei der normalen GBV-Fernleihe oder bei der verbundübergreifenden Fernleihe funktioniert, wenden Sie sich bitte an die Information der ZHB. Es werden dann weitere Bestellwege geprüft.
















Nutzen Sie die Suchleiste des GVK und kombinieren Sie beispielsweise Stichworte aus dem Buchtitel mit dem Nachnamen des Verfassers. Der voreingestellte Suchschlüssel [ALL] bietet dafür den optimalen Einstieg. Es können auch andere Sucheinstiege wie die ISBN (International Standard Book Number) genutzt werden.








Wählen Sie den entsprechenden Titel aus der Trefferliste aus. Nur gedruckte Bücher können bestellt werden, zur Unterscheidung beachten Sie die Symbole zur Materialart vor den Einträgen:








Bücher (hier: gedruckte Ausgabe) = Leihbestellung möglich








Online-Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschriften) elektronische Bücher = Leihbestellung nicht möglich








Wählen Sie aus der Trefferliste den gewünschten Titel aus. Es werden am Ende des jeweiligen Datensatzes alle Bibliotheken des Verbundes angezeigt, die dieses Werk besitzen, Sie müssen aber keine Bibliothek auswählen, da die Zuweisung innerhalb des Fernleihsystems nach voreingestellten Kriterien erfolgt. Nach der Auswahl des Titels starten Sie mit einem Klick auf Leihbestellung die Bestellung. Die Daten des Buches werden in das Bestellformular übernommen, prüfen Sie nur noch Ihre persönlichen Angaben im Bestellschirm.








Tragen Sie nun Ihr Fernleihpasswort in das Formularfeld und schicken Sie die Bestellung ab. Es erscheint die Bestätigung mit einer Bestellnummer und die Angabe, wie viele Verrechnungseinheiten noch auf dem Fernleihkonto vorhanden sind.








Ordering of journal articles








If you want to order an article from a journal, look for the title of the journal in the GVK. You can choose between different search keys above the search field, e.g. [SER] series, periodical (keywords) or [BJT] Beginning of journal title (phrase) or, if known, [ISS] ISSN (International Standard Serial Number). You enter your suitable terms in the search area.There is also the option of an "advanced" search with advanced options to refine your search, for example by "material selection" for journals or „language".








Since March 2017, articles can be ordered from both printed and electronic journals! You can recognize them by the symbols for the material type before each hit, one for "Periodicals / Series (printed)", one for "Periodicals / Series (online)". If the provision does not work with the electronic version, you can switch to the printed version or vice versa.








So select the relevant hit from your hit list and order it by clicking on "Copy request". The next step is to register with your "User ID" (library card number) and your special interlibrary loan "Password". The next screen is the entry of the year and volume of the journal. Then the main screen of the order follows along with your personal data. Here you have to add further detailed information about the desired article such as author, title, issue and page numbers. (Page references).








The normal fee for 1 interlibrary loan is € 1.50 as stated. Some libraries may charge additional costs for more than 20 copies.So, in this case, remember to accept or reject additional costs (usually up to € 8) by selecting one of the two options on the order form.








To finally confirm your request, you must mark below that you are using the requested copy only for non-commercial purposes. Repeat your password again and then click on the request button.A confirmation with an order number and the number of interlibrary loan units remaining for you should now follow.

You can get an overview of the status of your orders at GVK in the menu bar under "Interlibrary loan account". For each order there is an entry with order number, title ... and the current status. For example, if the status is "Original / or copy sent", the literature should arrive in our library in about 3 to 7 days. This period can vary. As a rule, you will be informed by email as soon as the literature you have ordered is available.








But to make sure you can call us in the loan department at  0451 3101 2240.








Email: zhb.fernleihe(at)uni-luebeck(dot)de








The copies and books delivered are deposited at the loan department and ready to pick up there during the usual service time. Staff members from the Institutes or Clinics can receive interlibrary loan copies via internal post if requested.








Email-Adresse: zhbfern(at)zhb.uni-luebeck(dot)de

The supplying library defines the loan conditions. As a rule, the loan period is 30 days, sometimes only 14 days can be granted. Our library must respect and comply with the conditions of the supplier libraries, for example the possibility of using a book only in the reading room or a ban on copying.








The end of one or the other loan period is written for you on a note in the book. Please leave it there until you return it.








You will also find it in your library account, where interlibrary loan books are registered along with all other media borrowed from our library.








An extension of your loan period also depends on the standards of the supplying library.  Please request an extension one week before the end of the period (by phone at 0451 3101 2240, by email  or personally at the loan department).

The fee of 1,50 Euro per order is due in accordance with the Leihverkehrsordnung LVO regardless of whether the book is available or not. The ZHB will try to reorder the unit for which there is not an additional charge. New editions are also not always available in other libraries because they are on loan. and it is not always possible to reserve a copy.  Please ask at the information desk in case of further questions.

This is covered by the  Interlibrary loan regulations (Leihverkehrsordnung). Some examples:








- publications available in the own library (exception: copies for employees of the universities – if there is only one copy for employees,  interlibrary loan is possible)








- media of particular value, especially published before 1800








- media in poor condition








- reference works, loose-leaf editions, current issues (copies of individual articles are possible here)


GVK-Plus  offers:

- Bibliographic data from book and journal titles from the  GVKthe largest union catalog in Germany

-  a large number of article data from  Online-Contents-Databank OLC.

Within the university campus you have free access to GVK-plus (or separately to "Online Contents").

From outside, you must be registered for interlibrary loan and then have access with these login data.

An English version is available via the British flag symbol above.


At the moment you can only search with GVK-plus.

To order, you have to switch to   GVK.

Fernleihe, Medienbearbeitung

Sabine Wedemeyer

Tel.: +49 451 3101 2211
E-Mail: zhb.fernleihe(at)uni-luebeck(dot)de
Fernleihe, Leihstelle

Nelli Strugar

Tel.: +49 451 3101 2222
E-Mail: zhb.fernleihe(at)uni-luebeck(dot)de


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