Study rooms

Due to our renovation works we can unfortunaly not offer any working spaces currently!


In the library you will find work areas and special study rooms. Whether in the breaks between the lecture times or at the weekend, whether in a group or better individually   - we offer you various options.

Some tips for use:

On the ground floor (PC pool) and on the first and second floors there are several workstations for learning.

Please note that it is in everyone's interest to keep the house as quiet as possible - the building is poorly soundproofed.

All workplaces are quickly filled, especially in examination periods.

Avoid “reserving” a table with personal study materials or the like during a long absence. A break of up to 30 minutes is of course possible, during the lunch break between 12 noon and 2 p.m. the break can also last up to 60 minutes. You are welcome to leave a temporary "break ticket" on your desk for information. The library staff is authorized to check the absence times.

In order to retreat during breaks, the so-called "Parcham Lounge" on the first floor offers a kind of sheltered resting place. This lounge and many new workplaces were sponsored by the Parcham Foundation.

Around the lounge area, lockers are available for storing your learning material. You can borrow a locker key for one month at the information desk on the ground floor and extend the loan period in your library account.