To research for books you can use our catalog. There you also have the opportunity to order books for pick up. During our opening hours you can also take books directly from the shelves in the open access area (currently only on the ground floor due to the renovation).
Instructions for using the catalog can be found here.

Books can be borrowed either via our loan machine or during service hours via the circulation desk (in the entrance area). For both types you need an activated (and valid) library card; for students this is the student ID. To borrow from the machine you will also need your library password (the initial password is the date of birth in the format DDMMYY - the last two digits of the year). If you want to order books: Your library number for login is on your student ID and begins with 0841.
The loan period is 4 weeks; you can extend this up to 8 times via your library account, provided that the book is not reserved. Books with a red label may not be borrowed; they are reference copies.
There are also books with other locations listed in the catalog:
"Closed magazine" - must be ordered and can then be picked up at the loan counter.
"Department inventory" - are usually official copies and can be viewed directly upon request in the respective institute/department.
"IMGWF" - are copies available from the Institute for Medical History and Scientific Research (Königstrasse 42) and can be used there.

To use our e-books you do not need an activated ID; you can find short instructions on how to use it here. They can be download simply from our catalog via the internal (WLAN) networks of the TH and the university; outside the campus you can access to them via SSL gate or VPN. Direct links to the particular SSL gates of the TH or the university can be found on the homepage. Members of the university can also set up a VPN; instructions for this can be found on the ITSC website.
Due to the usage rights, external users can only access them on our premises.

A short note about the validity of the ID card: It is valid for one year from the start of registration. To extend it, send us an email with an attached scan of your current student ID to the account . Alternatively, you can also renew at the circulation desk during service hours. Employees of the TH or university can extend by telephone or email. External users must come to the library, as a new annual fee also applies in this case.