These are only pick-up dates – no self-service at the shelf during construction works

Please order the required literature preferred via our online catalog with your access data (library number 0841... and password)

or if necessary via the message box while making an appointment

In the message box

...please enter the shelf mark from the catalog instead of the title

  • You have only space for 200 characters and shelf marks are simply much shorter than titles
  • If you focus on the shelf mark you will notice if the required title is already borrowed. Borrowed books have a coloured mark below the shelf mark
  • To search for the shelf mark on our own takes time which we can better use to get your book quickly

Without appointment after end of construction works

From Monday to Friday the construction works normally end at 5 pm. At the weekend there is no construction work in the library.

Then you can come without appointment. Please notice our current opening and service times (for example at the bottom of this page).