In Case of Problems with Web of Science or Springer E-Books or E-Journals

There are sometimes problems to connect to Web of Science and other databases, from home and from the campus.

Nevertheless you can get access by using the Pulse-Secure VPN provided by the ITSC.
You also find there instructions for Linux, but only in German. If you have problems please ask the ITSC-Hotline for help (phone: 0451 3101 0888).

Here is a short introductions to install it (Windows and MacOS):

After installing and starting the software make a new profil and insert the Server-URL as default connection. You can choose a name for this profile and then you have to save the configuration. After that you can use the app and make a VPN-connection by pressing Verbinden. You will be asked for zur IDM-dates, they are the same as those you use for moodle and so on. Please do not save this dates for security reasons, espacially on mobile device this can be a security leak.


TH Lübeck: Access via SSL-Gate on Springer E-Books and E-Journals

There is problem with the certificats while getting access via SSL-Gate of the TH Lübeck on ebooks and ejournals of Springer. The IT of the TH is working on the problem.To get access despite of the problems you have to ignore the warning of the expired certificate (depending on the browser you can find that under extended options.